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Hammer | Definition of Hammer by Merriam-Webster- hammer and sickle meaning german ,Hammer definition is - a hand tool consisting of a solid head set crosswise on a handle and used for pounding. How to use hammer in a sentence.HAMMER | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionaryhammer definition: 1. a tool consisting of a piece of metal with a flat end that is fixed onto the end of a long…. Learn more.

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Swastika, equilateral cross with arms bent at right angles, all in the same rotary direction, usually clockwise. The swastika as a symbol of prosperity and good fortune is widely distributed throughout the ancient and modern world. The word is derived from the Sanskrit svastika, meaning “conducive to well-being.”It was a favourite symbol on ancient Mesopotamian coinage.

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Jun 03, 2019·The Bolsheviks appropriated the color red to symbolize the blood of the workers, and the red flag of the Soviet Union, with its gold-colored hammer and sickle, is still recognized today. During the revolution, the Red Army (Bolshevik forces) fought the White Army (loyalists to the czar).

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A sickle, bagging hook, reaping-hook or grasshook is a single-handed agricultural tool designed with variously curved blades and typically used for harvesting, or reaping, grain crops or cutting succulent forage chiefly for feeding livestock, either freshly cut or dried as hay. Falx was a synonym but was later used to mean any of a number of tools that had a curved blade that was sharp on the ...

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The Bratva, also known as the Russian Mafia, are a faction in Watch Dogs 2. 1 History 2 Activities 3 Mission Appearances 4 Members 5 Gang Attack 6 Gallery 7 Trivia 8 References The Bratva, or the Brotherhood, arrived in the 1980s as scouts for the Brighton Beach Mafia in Brooklyn, New York. San Francisco is one of the centers of money laundering operations via Russia and the United States, and ...

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hamlet definition: 1. a small village, usually without a church 2. a small village, usually without a church 3. a…. Learn more.

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A German self-loading rifle prototype based off of an improved version of the P08's toggle lock mechanism. Selbstlader M1916 Factory Originally designed for use on planes, this German semi-automatic rifle is known for its high accuracy.

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Rose 1 English, French, German, Jewish Means "rose" from Middle English, Old French and Middle High German rose, all from Latin rosa. All denote a person of a rosy complexion or a person who lived in an area abundant with roses. As a Jewish surname it is ornamental, from Yiddish רויז (roiz).


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Austria is a country situated in Central Europe. It shares it's borders with Germany and Czech Republic to the north. Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary to the south. Slovakia to the west. It is a member of the European Union. Sadly, it's not a popular country in the CountryHumans fandom. 1 Description 1.1 Appearance 1.1.1 Male 1.1.2 Female 1.2 Personality 1.3 Interests 1.4 Flag meaning 1.5 ...

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Meaning. At the time of creation, the hammer and sickle stood for worker-peasant alliance, with the hammer a traditional symbol of the industrial proletariat (who dominated the proletariat of Russia) and the sickle a traditional symbol for the peasantry, but the meaning has since broadened to a globally recognizable symbol for Marxism, communist parties, or socialist states.

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